Marble is a limestone rock with a crystalline structure formed by metamorphism.

The Apuan Alps are an immense reservoir marble, some cubic kilometers of volume, whose mass is more consistent to Carrara. Here the excavation has been developed in three valleys, Colonnata, Fantiscritti and Ravaccione, where in addition to white Carrara marble are mined other varieties: statuary, veined, purple, calacata, bardiglio.

The mining has ancient origins (II century BC.), Was enhanced by the Romans, who used it widely marble "Luni" to build houses and monuments, and continued with varying fortunes until the industrial development of the last century. Since then it has grown steadily to the current production of about 800,000 tons. Annual techniques, materials and tools that are continually improved, improving working conditions and placing Carrara forefront of the industry.


The artists:

The marble would only be a stone cold, beautiful but of course no forms if there was not the hand of man to shape sculptures architectures. The great Michelangelo, divine teacher, has created a sinuous statues so beautiful to look real, live so as to have a soul. The MARBLE QUARRY RAVACCIONE # 84 was born in the heart of the marble quarries of Carrara, between Ravaccione and Fantiscritti; Favorite place for the quality of its marble by Michelangelo, who seems to have spent three years in select blocks of marble for the tomb of Pope Julius II.


They used marble quarry inside the artists:


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