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Do not forget though, that the inland offers other interesting opportunities for a visit: the Gulf of Poets with Portovenere and Lerici, Sarzana medieval village site along the Via Francigena, Luni that since the age Roman was an important center of mining and processing of Apuan marble; and even La Spezia reborn to new life in recent years, and its museums and beautiful palaces, and finally Val di Vara, in the green of its forests, rich in water and picturesque medieval villages. Finally, inland you can not forget the marble quarries of Carrara (links to Marble tour) where 2000 is extracted the precious white marble and where to make a unique excursion and engaging. You see proposals below.


Panoramic view of the Alps and ApuaneLe Carrara marble quarries are located in the Apuan Alps, majestic mountains that dominate Carrara and much of the territory of Versilia. The marble quarries were exploited in Roman times, when huge stone blocks were loaded onto ships, from the port of Luni to Rome. From those blocks were derived architectures and sculptures of any kind placed throughout the Roman Empire. Over the centuries the same marble extracted to embellish churches and palaces in Florence (links to, Lucca, Pisa, the Rome of the popes, and cities around the world.


Small Town, is the latest center to the north of Tuscany, the border area between three regions, Tuscany, Liguria (near Cinque Terre is here that we link to and Emilia Romagna. It characterized by its citizens (simple people but hard workers, because the work of the quarries was never a joke


Tips for trips outside the city are not yet finished, and it is thanks to the central location of Florence from which you can reach many other cities and countries famous and rare beauty that Tuscany is fortunate to have. Below you will find a further list but the region has so much to offer that I failed to exhaust it entirely.


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